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Thread: Center console seat in Scout II, possible!

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    Lightbulb Center console seat in Scout II, possible!

    Hi guys I'm new here, but didn't see any posts on this. Anyway, installing a newer Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram type jump seat/ center console in between my Scout II buckets is something I have wanted to do for a long time and was never quite sure if it would work. I figure there are other people who thought of this or haven't but would like it so I wanted to share my story.

    I have a half cab conversion so when the top is not off there was only room for two in my Scout, or to dry people at least. I wanted a center console that I could actually rest my arm on and one that could turn into a seat if I ever needed to drive two other people around. Anyway, I came across a killer deal on craig's list from a fire department who took out the center console seat of their silverado to put radio equipment, they are usually around $200 at least, this one was a $10 donation to the fire house ping pong fund and was even black and had seat belt and all.

    Installation: I took it home and removed the two scout buckets, plopped the Silverado center seat over the tranny hump and pushed it back to where it would sit on the floor evenly and allow a bit of leg room behind the shifter. I then put the scout buckets back in placing the inner seat brackets of the scout seats over the front metal tab legs of the Siverado seat so the Silverado tabs/legs were pinched between the Scout brackets and the floor. It took a bit of pushing and adjusting, but I was able to get the scout bolts back in and once they were tight it pinched the Silverado seat leg tabs in so tight against the floor that no drilling or bolting was required. Done.

    I tested it out with my girlfriend in the middle and buddy on the side and we are all comfortable. The new raised center console also makes a really comfortable arm rest.

    I have a taneau cover and a Traveller wide seat squeezed between the tail gate and the rear fender wells, yes that fits too if you ever wanted to do that. So when my top is off I can now fit 7 people if I needed to or 6 comfortably. I have the seat attached with quick releases which is great for tail gating, fishing, watching races from the elevated parking lot etc. because the seat can easily flip around and rest on the tailgate.

    If anyone is interested I can snap some shots of how it came out, just thought I'd share my story to let all you Scout lovers know a new possibility. If you do want to do this I would definitely recommend calling around to fire houses, the one I went to had 2 of them sitting around that they wanted to get out of the way and were never used.

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    great idea!! I would really like to see some pics or your new center console, this sounds like a great idea...

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