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Thread: Electric fan?

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    Default Electric fan?

    Anybody converted to an electric fan system. I'm wondering where to get the parts and how it turned out. Also how difficult it is. Thanks

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    I did a electric fan swap on mine, but i have a SBC 350 in it. It was pretty easy, and not too expensive

    Radiator from summit
    Approx $150.00

    Dual electric Fan from summit
    Approx $200.00

    The difficult part for me, was I had to cut the corners of the fans shroud to make up for the in/outlet (i was drinking beers when i ordered it and it didn't quite hit me until it came in the mail that having the same size fan wouldn't be a "perfect fit!")

    Other hard part was fabbing up some brackets to hold the radiator and fan, which i ended up just welding pieces of cut steel together and making them.

    I can take a pic of the end result (quite sexy) if u like
    -72 Scout2 - SBC350 with RV camshaft, 4 speed manual Trans, D20 xfer case with CV drive shafts.
    -Dana 44 Detroit locker rear.
    -Dana 44 (out of a 75) Rebuilt /w trutrac limited slip frnt

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    Some people have used the electric fans out of a ford taurus and can be obtained from your favorite pick & pull. You'll need a relay setup to control it. There's been a lot of how to articles on this, do a search here, at BP, IHOnlyNorth and at JustIH forums, you'll find a ton of information.

    From what I've read, it's something that can be done in under a day without issue.


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