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Thread: scout 80 clutch: stay hydro or go linkage?

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    Default scout 80 clutch: stay hydro or go linkage?

    I have a '63 scout 80 that has had clutch problems since I picked it up. The guy that had it before me attempted to rebuild the clutch master and screwed it up, and the slave doesn't look that good either. There is a junkyard near by that has some scouts of that body style, not sure of the year, that may have all the parts I need to convert to a manual linkage clutch. My question is would it be worth it to scrounge the yard gathering parts for the conversion or try to find parts to make the hydraulic system work? Pros and cons? Is a conversion even possible?

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    Keep the hydraulic clutch. It is not impossible to convert to mechanical but I don't see a reason. You can replace your components with 100% new parts for $100, and its a lot less work.

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    I got discouraged because the parts I need for the master cylinder they don't give you in the rebuild kit and a new m/c is $139 from The slave I think is the source of the leakdown and needs rebuilt or changed also. But if I can find a slave and master cylinder out of a forklift that will work like I read in a previous post I would be well on my way. Thank you for the help

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    The slave cylinder is pretty generic. I have swapped them from travelalls to scout 80s and back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stu Simpson
    Crown forklift brake slave part #074815 $23.80 plus shipping

    also Hyster part #3014115
    The problem with parts for our rigs is not availability. It's packaging. We pay for packaging and cataloging. You must keep a log of all the parts you use for this reason. Obsolete part numbers are easier to find than obsolete applications.
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    It looked pretty generic, just a canister in a clamp type affair, I didn't know if the throw had a factor. Thanks for the part # Allen. Has anyone tried a clutch master cylinder for a different app. to fit the bolt pattern? Toyota pickup maybe?

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    does anybody have a source for these Clark or Hyster parts? I've googled it and the numbers come up, but thats as far as i can get. Desperatly in need of a clutch master....


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