Wish that motor wa in my Scout!! I'll have to settle for a better belting systemů so do you have any pick and maybe pulley sizes you can provide of how the Serpentine belt and tensioner is arranged? Thanks, Michael

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I have been on these forums before but my account maybe got deleted. So I made a new one....I have asked for tech help on here before. This has a lot of pictures, I hope that is now worries! This is also not really a tech question or help so hope that is also no worries!

I have a 1983 Patrol, one of very few in the USA. My Patrol is from Germany and came with a SD33 stock.

Over a year ago I decided to get going on the engine. I spent some time looking around the USA for a SD33T, tried to decide to just use my SD33, tried to find somebody to do the work. I ended up looking for an engine in Australia. I picked up a 1984 SD33T Patrol in Australia, I wanted to start with a turbo block. A friend of mine and a buider of trophy winning buggies in Oz has handled the build up of my engine and all the fab/mod work. The build up has been going on now for nearly a year. I had this done in Oz for a few reasons...it was cheap and easy to get a whole truck with the engine, I can ship the whole truck with engine to the USA, not a lot of experienced people for this engine in the USA, not a lot of parts for this engine in the USA, nobody I could find or knew that was enthusiastic about what I wanted to do and the build up. I have been to Yuris (the builder) place in Australia and stayed at his house and drove his buggies. So it didn't take much for me to decide to have him do the work. Anyways, on to the engine.....

As stated this is a SD33T from a 1984 Patrol. The truck had 300,000kms on it when we started. Engine got torn out of truck, coplete tear down, wash, soak, ect. All parts were ordered for the build. Yuri had recently set up his diesel TLC with a super charger and turbo. I was keen on this. So we planned out the build and mods and this is what we came up with...

-full rebuild, high quality rebuild kit, everything new
-custom built Garret turbo that boosts low, ect
-side mount super charger for pre-turbo boost and no lag off the line
-custom built extrenal lubercation system
-shaved sump
-rebuilt injectors with higher pop pressure
-full rebuild on ther IP
-custom grind on cam to match new turbo
-head shaved, crank ground, ect ect
-ported & polished the head
-large front mount intercooler and smaller top mount intercooler
-custom large aluminum radiator
-custom pulley system changing it all to one serpintine belt
-high mount alt

The oil pump is run from a custom made billet housing and gear set off the front of the IP. The lubercation system runs a 5-stage external pump that is mounted near the side of the IP. There is a pickup in the top of the valve cover and in the sump. Large top mount oil cooler has been used.

This engine is going in my 83 Patrol. The Patrol is built up for rock crawling with 16" coilovers, portal axles, ect. You might ask....why do all this to a SD33T? My main reasons were....I wanted to keep as much of the truck as possible Nissan and Patrol. I also like the SD33T, it is a solid engine. I really only want a diesel engine in my truck, I looked into doing other diesels in this truck but in the end decided to just stick with the stock engine and modify it. I wanted to have enough low end power for anything, still be able to do 55mph...I also wanted to be able to run the engine nearly upside down and never worry about it getting lubercated.

I am sure you might have questions or comments. Beaware the guy who built this is a fabricator and engineer. Like I say he has built trophy winning rock buggies in Australia of unique design. He has also been a diesel mechanic all his life which he learned from his father starting at age 10. So with 30yrs experience behind him I trust him and his judgement. He did take into account how to run the oil pump off the IP and not mess with timing issues. In fact he spent a lot of time fabbing things and figuring out how to do the whole build. I will answer any questions as best as I can but remember I didn't build this.

Here is my truck it is going in....

here is the engine we started with for the build....

and here are build pics....