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Thread: 79 traveler rear floor replacement

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    Default 79 traveler rear floor replacement

    I am needing photos, drawings, advice for replacement of the cargo floor (rear seat area) on a 79 Traveler. I wish to replace the floor with a sheet of 3/16 aluminum diamond plate. Current floor is shot and rusted through especially around wheel wells. Lateral supports attached to the underside of floor are shot also. Do any of the lateral supports attach to the frame?

    I can't find any helpful drawings/photos in the IH manuals, perhaps I am not looking in the right area. I was hoping this could be a DIY project. However, I may be biting off more than I can handle. Limited tools and no welding skills. Just wanting a serviceable floor area that won't rust in the future.

    Any thoughts, drawings, photos, how to advice appreciated. IHAL

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    Pictures would be a good start. Location of the rotted areas relative to the body mounts and other body parts would be needed for an evaluation.

    Yes, you could use diamond plate, but you're obviously right about whether it might be a bigger project than a simple floor replacement.
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    I replaced the rear cargo floor in my '77 Traveler with 16 guage sheet metal. It was quite the job, and if you don't have any welding skills, not possible. The lateral supports do not attach to the frame, they sit on rubber mounts that sit on the frame, if I remember correctly. It is very difficult to remove the old floor, as it has what seems like a couple hundred spot welds that you can't see to drill out because of the rust. I ended up using a small sledge hammer and a nail puller, basically ripping the welds loose one by one as i "rolled" the cargo floor up from back to front. Not fun at all! And very time consuming... If you have any structure left, and you don't care about using the rear seat, I would recommend making a cardboard template of the entire rear cargo floor and tracing it onto a sheet of decent grade plywood to use as the rear floor. Then take sheet metal screws and screw the plywood directly to solid parts of the original floor.I've done this on a Terra I had it worked great. If the lateral supports are totally shot and won't support it, you can sure up the floor by placing wood blocks, (cross grain so the screws will hold) between it and the frame and, using good quality wood screws, screwing the floor to the blocks, which will ride freely on the frame. Hope this helps

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    Thanks, Mr Rooney. You gave me the info I was afraid would be the case. I made a full area cardboard template that I had hoped to give to a welder to cut the diamond plate but am having trouble getting a handle on how the lateral supports actually function and how the lateral supports/floor attach to the frame. The two floor/frame attachment bolts at the rear opening need replacement. The area in front of the wheel wells is severly rusted but has the most "attachment" to the side panels. From the wheel wells back there is no attachment of floor to the side panels.
    Are there strong enough body/frame attachment points to completely remove the floor using a cutoff wheel and still have the side panels and roof supported while a temporary (plywood/blocks) fix is initiated. Or is the rear floor an integral part of the overall structural integrity of the body and side panels?
    The vehicle is not a daily driver at this time, just a project needing TLC. Trying to salvage some old IH iron one project at a time. Passenger side body support next, then rocker panels. thanks IHAL


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