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Thread: Engine options for a ScoutII

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    Default Engine options for a ScoutII

    I am redoing a 79 scoutII automatic with a gas in it now but I am going to scrap the gasser and looking to put in an ih ag inline 6 engine.

    What are my options. I would love to just slam a 436 with a p pump in there but I know there is probably no room. Anything with a 360 or 361? German diesels?

    Has anyone done something like this and what are my options to marry an engine like this to the auto trans?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I have seen cummins 4bt engines installed in scouts. I would think the hardest part is deciding which transmission to use. I'm not a believer in reinventing the wheel.
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    i agree but want this to be just a fun smoker vehicle and want to stay with the IH lineage if i can.
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