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Thread: Towing my scout

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    Default Towing my scout

    I'm getting ready to move, however I don't trust the scout to get me there.
    Would it be ok for me to throw it on a car dolley and put the tranny and xfer case in neutral?
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    I did that exact thing with my '80 when I first got it. I also towed it behind a 2003 ford ranger (don't judge me, lol). But they follow quite nicely if you just put the whole thing in neutral (if you've got an automatic you'll want to pull the driveshaft though, otherwise you'll mess up your torque converter).

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    There's mixed information on pulling the scout, some manuals say to pull the rear driveline (which, personally, if I'm going over 15 miles I'll do just that) and others that say to put the t-case in gear, tranny in neutral to permit slinging of oil so you don't run it dry. That was before I got a car hauler, so now I don't mess with dolly's or pulling drive lines.

    If everything on the scout is good, you can probably dolly it. Here's a thread from BP that covered this topic in detail.




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