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Thread: Any Additives You'd Recommend?

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    Default Any Additives You'd Recommend?

    Back in the early summer I bought a 79 Scout II w/ it s original non-turbo SD33 Nissan Diesel. For several months now, I have had it in the shop, getting a number of things rebuilt, including the lift pump, injection pump, and injectors.

    I'll soon have it back. I've read and heard a lot of different things about low-sulphur and low emission diesel fuel.

    I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with and recommendations for any fuel additives for this beauty? EPA and the rest of the world have changed a lot since 1979. I want to take the best care of her I can, since I now have so much invested in her.


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    I always add some Cetane boost whenever I fill up, but that's just me, and I'm running a Turbo diesel.


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