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Thread: 1980 scout diesel tune-up

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    Default 1980 scout diesel tune-up

    I just had a new floor and rocker panels put in on my scout due to rust, and now am trying to tackle the engine. I know it need a new clutch already as the throwout bearing is real loud, but my question is about the engine. Since I'm not familiar with them I'm not sure what to expect as far as how it runs. I understand scouts are low-geared. I would say that when idling it sounds good, and when on the road in neutral it sound good, road noise is pretty minimal, but when in gear, especially lower gears and giving it some gas it seems hard for me to believe when this vehicle was new it sounded like that I'm wondering where I should start to see how well I can get the engine running. I forgot to mention it doesn't have the power I expected, it runs all right, but struggles on hills, and it seems as loud as is there would be more power there? Alot of the noise I think could also be vibration from the engine tot he cab, but like I said, only when you accelerate. The floor has a gator guard liner now and that helps some.

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    The diesels in Scouts were never designed to be power houses; that job was left for the 345 v-8. The main reason they (diesers) were integrated into the International design was for fuel mileage. As long as you're running mid-high 20's, then your engine is running around optimal output. You can upgrade plenty of parts to make them more powerful, but you'll be sacrificing fuel efficiency to do so. Just depends on where you want to be going with your diesel Scout.

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    Default No Power?

    That's right Jeff, the SD33T doesn't have any power. 101Hp at best in stock form. IH used a fork lift engine (SD33T) to get the fleet economy up during the 70s energy crisis. They are a joke on hills but you can expect more than double the mileage compared to a gas IH motor (boat anchor). Be wary of 'experts' telling you about all the power to be had with upgraded turbos etc... These engines have a serious piston cracking problem due to high exhaust temps so any substantial increased boost needs to have some intercooling. Exhaust gas temp gague is a good thing to have once you get up and running. A larger exhaust helps also and 3" turbo outlets can be found on the web for these Garret turbos.

    Good luck and remember that the junk yards are full of Scout diesels 'cause most folks fry a few pistons before they ever get 100,000 miles out of them! This means plenty of parts for you.


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