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    Default throw out bearing

    does anyone know if the 1980 diesel scout ii has a throw out bearing that you can grease without taking apart the whole transmission? I was told they might have a sleeve you could get at through the bell housing (I'm not a mechanic and don't know much about engines, just repeating what I was told so may use wrong terms.)

    Long story short, my clutch works fine, and the trucks low miles. it's just noisy because of bearing

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    If the last time the clutch was replaced had a greasable throwout put in, then yes, you have one. You will have to determine if it has one or not.

    Climb under the truck, remove the inspection plate off the bottom of the bell housing and take a look with a flashlight. You'll see the grease nipple if it's got one that can be greased, otherwise, it's a non greasable. It is not recommended to attempt to make it a greasable while it is in the truck.

    So if you are having noise issues with the throwout and its non-greasable, best to drop the trans and replace with one that is.



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    Pretty much hit it right on the head there.

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    hi, i replaced the throw out bearing but didn't fix, what else could cause that noise when I press the clutch pedal?

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    While you had it out, did you check the bolt torque on the pressure plate? Is all of the linkages tight & in proper adjustment? Sounds like something may be loose in there.

    If you are still getting noise and the bearing is not causing it (sounds like grinding / slop); then you may have a loose pressure plate, a pressure plate shipping block or other obstruction in the mechanism. Check the linkages & shine a light into the pressure plate to check to see if there's any items stuck in there.

    This is the best I can come up with at this time. Hope it helps.

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    1 - The grease fitting is not for the bearing, but for the slider on the shaft. Unfortunately it
    does not provide grease "INSIDE" the bearing. I have had mine out many times.

    The horrid sound, I am familiar with. I had bolts loosen up which previosly held the
    clutch to the flywheel.
    Make certain you use BLUE lock tite on them next time you open her up.

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    Does this sound like your problem?? from another forum
    Originally Posted by budget76 View Post
    Well guys, please hopefully you can tell me it's not dying yet, it's only got 5k miles on it, about 500 of them with the diesel. It's the dana angle link IIRC, the one that rattles like a SOB with the diesel. Symptoms:

    1. When first installed did the normal rattle with clutch depressed, sounded fine when driving
    2. Dad takes the scout for a hundred mile trip, comes back with truck rattling HORRIBLY at idle, when driving under load with low RPM. Higher RPM the terrible noise goes away, and it sounds GREAT, like it should. Low RPM, it sounds like the typical rattle, but MUCH louder and alot worse.
    3. Thought #2 was the t-case because it got water in it, so swap it out. Wasn't the t-case, and still sounds terrible at idle/low RPM acceleration. I'd say once it gets above 18-1900 RPM it sounds perfect.

    Everything I've read says the clutch should last 10-20k with the diesel, not 500 miles. It still functions and feels like it should, but sounds HORRIBLE and is not fun to drive because of it. It's not the tranny, it was in the truck prior to the diesel swap and was 100% at the time.

    So guys, we're regretting the damn diesel swap. Tell me this is something simple, please I can post a video by tomorrow if needed

    I have some pics posted here on the wear that makes the angle link clutch rattle. In my experience the rattle will not cause the clutch to slip, but at some point the rattling/hammering could cause damage to the pressure plate.

    If you have the pressure plate surface that touches the disc REPLACED the rattle will stop. The angle link clutch didn't rattle when it was new from the factory. The best to accomplish this with a Rockford pressure plate.

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    Hi, Now, it doesn't rattle when idling, only will the clutch is pressed. Also, not a rattle sound, but more a metal grinding/scratching sound. One thing in common with that post though is that it runs better at higher RPM's on in say 3-4 gear. At 1/2 its slow and hard to shift sometimes.

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    Default throw out bearing

    Im on my 6th day of a water fast.

    I threw up today. All the water I drank just poured out.

    If this was the first time I wouldnt give it a second thought, but its the second time. THis happened durnig my first fast as well on day 10, I was taking a shower and them bluargh.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    What can be causnig this?

    How do I avoid this?

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    Default similar problem - sqeaking when clutch pedal depressed

    I can't say I have too much experience to help with 6th day of water fasting throw UP problem - maybe your throw up bearing is not getting enough chicken grease due to your fasting? Try some KFC...

    But I do have a similar issue to Jeff's with my throw OUT bearing, and perhaps you guys can give me some ideas.

    When depressing the clutch pedal I have noticed a light rhythmic squeaking for about 7 years. I originally had the problem addressed back then by a bad shop while i was overseas, and their solution was to take the transmission out for a rebuild. I'm still not convinced they even rebuilt it, but in any event the squeak has persisted just the same ever since. It doesn't seem to affect performance, and doesn't even do it all the time (seems to be more noticeable when cold), but whenever i hear it i'm always a bit uneasy. it doesn't seem like the awful 'metal grinding/scratching sound' Jeff is plagued with, but i would like to know what the cause is, whether it's critical, and how to fix it.

    And on second thought, with the Thanks,


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