I've been searching for a project Scout close to home to avoid shipping across country or purchasing sight unseen. I want to find a Scout 80/800 and do a restore to as close to original as possible. I looked at one the other day. It has a 266 V8, 3 speed tranny, Dana 44 rear, assuming the same in the front (it was too dark soon after I got there). The engine started and sounded fine, but I didn't drive it. It's not currently a daily driver. The top is rusted through at the top/side seam in places and the bottom floor near the tail gate has some rust through. The integrity of the exterior and interior structure is OK, but I really don't know beans about what's restoreable and what's not. It's missing a front bumper, the rear bumper is a piece of 3" steel pipe. Seller is asking $1300, but says he's negotiable. Does this have potential, or should I keep looking? Based on the above, what to you think it's worth? Thanks.