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    Hey, I have a Scout II with a 392 4 speed and would like to know how much I can pull. Florida boy not going far but boat weights @6k-7k lbs and can only find a class III hitch 5k lbs. What should I do?

    Thanks for your help

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    That class III will work fine. Believe it or not, that's what most 3/4 ton pickups come with before say 2003. I have one on my 99 Dodge CTD and have pulled upwards of 10K with it. No problem.

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    Pulling 6-7K with a 100 inch wheelbase? Drive slowly. That much weight will wag the dog going down a hill.

    The 392 will handle a 30K lb load. My 304 equipped B160 is rated at 29K GCWR. It's not the engine and transmission. It's the brakes and suspension.

    Please think this through. That's too much weight for that scout to tow safely, especially with tires larger than stock (29" or less). Scouts are not made to drive upside down.
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    Thanks guys I am only going a few blocks and no hills in FLA. I will order the Series III.


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