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Thread: Lost 4 wheel drive

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    Default Lost 4 wheel drive


    I have a dana 20 transfer case and lockout hubs. On a 76 Traveral.

    The truck will move when the 4 wheel drive is engaged but the front tires are not pulling. How do determine whats wrong. I know one lock out hub is not engaging because when I put the truck in Neutral and the transfer case in neutral and engage the lockouts, only the divers side turns freely-this should mean that the drivers side lockout is not engaging.

    With that said, I can see that the 4 wheel drive shifter is bringing the linkage
    in and out the way it should, not sure where or how to determine whats wrong.


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    On an open differential, both hubs must be engaged. The power is transferred to the wheel with the least amount of traction.

    If the front driveshaft is engaging, you need to make sure both hubs work.
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    Default Only one Hub is working

    Only one lock out hub is working on the front which is the passenger side.

    Thanks for your quick reply



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