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Thread: New guy looking for Scout and answers

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    Default New guy looking for Scout and answers

    Hey all,
    I am looking for a Scout II in or around Western NC.
    I`ve got my eye on a few.
    I`ve been a car guy for a while messing with flathead Fords and belong to the Jalopy Journal(H.A.M.B.)

    Having never owned a scout before.
    What should I look for or avoid when picking a scout II ?
    What kinda gas mileage will a 345 w/granny 4spd get?

    Any links to resources and parts please send them to me.

    Thanks in advance

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    hellow future scout owner! I've got the 345 with the auto and milage is about 12mpg average not sure if the manual is a big differance. My advice to you is to find a scout with minimal to no rust, check the quarter panels, floorboards, body mounts (the underside) and the rear quarter above the rear'll save lots of time and money with a rust-free rig.


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