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    I installed an Accel Super Stock coil on my 1966 IH Scout 800. It is said to work with OE and aftermarket wires, ignition, points, etc. Seems like it hesitates more than usual starting. This coil puts out max 42,000 volts. Should I increase the spark gap from .030 to .035 or .040. Would this burn up my wires or points. Then last, I am running this on a 12 volt system with a resistor. However, instead of 8 or 9 volts to the coil I am getting 12.4. The same as with the stock coil.

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    What motor are you running? And why bother keeping the points and coil, go HEI. I did it, I'll never go back to points. Better MPG, better cold starts, better acceleration.
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    It sounds like you're trying to measure the coil voltage with the points open. When there isn't any current through the circuit, there won't be any drop across the ballast resistor.

    Rotate the engine until the points are closed, and then measure the voltage at the coil's "+" terminal. To avoid getting shocked, ground the coil's high-tension wire to the engine block while you work on it.

    I've had a couple of those Super Stock coils. You might want to mount it on the firewall where it's cool, with the tower pointing straight up. Both of mine leaked oil when mounted sideways on the intake manifold and quit working when they were hot.
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