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Thread: Oil Filter adapter

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    Default Oil Filter adapter

    I purchased an Oil filter Adapter for my '63 Scout with the 152 engine. The old oil filter was a canister type. The new adapter is for screw on oil filters. The old canister type was facing down, the new one when bolted to the block faces at an upward angle?? Has any one used one of these, and does this cause any flow problems or issues?

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    Default hey redhawk like to know the same

    I put one on my newly rebuilt top end engine and filled it with magic purple oil to give it the best of all possible circumstances and will update my findings as it gets back on the road in spring 2010. It seems sort of upside down the way it gets oil fed to it like there may be a bottle neck of the circulated oil coming back down but what the hell do I know. It may or may not be better than the old school can system. Please let me know if you find out any different. Merry Christmas to you either way. Brad


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