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Thread: right hand drive conversion?

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    Default right hand drive conversion?

    i found a right hand drive at the junk yard when i went to look for a top and tailgate i went ahead and bought the dash, throttle linkage and heater box and i was wondering if you guys thought it would be worth the trouble

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    RHD's are actually pretty rare... any chance you'd get them to just part with the whole truck? The conversion would be pretty intensive though; you'll end up having to modify the flooring to allow for the steering column and lots of other little stuff. I'm not sure if the frames are set up different with reinforcement steel tubes in the frame to accomodate the steering box on the passenger side like they are on the driver side, but that would be something for you to look at too.

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    i didnt think about the frame part but i doubt that they would let me get it and even if they did im not sure that i want to mess with it, the body is in pretty bad shape (theres actually about a fifteen foot tree growing up through the engine bay which the brake line is about half way into), and its been pretty well gone though with no axles, engine, interior, or tranny but i have thought about going back with a sawzall and cutting out the fire wall but im hoping that everything under the hood will just move around

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    all the Scouts sold here in Australia are right hand drive. if you bought the good parts off that wreck, i'm sure you'd be able to source any missing parts from here without too much trouble.

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    i looked while i was home and the frame where the steering box mounts just has some kind of wrap around the outside to reinforce it do yall know if the tie rods are the same for right and left drive


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