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Thread: AC cuts out...

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    Default AC cuts out...

    I meant to post this a few months back when I had the factory AC running...anyway, it had pretty much worked flawlessly all these years, but the last few days of summer I had the AC going and then it cut out after a few minutes of going full blast.....after letting it rest it started up again, but ran only for the same few minutes.....sometimes it cut out after a minute, sometimes after 5, but it always restarted after turning it off and giving it a rest...

    sounds like some sort of breaker is involved....any ideas?



    PS.....I have been a Binder Bulletin user for many years but hadn't posted in the past 12-14 months and when I came back my account didn't work anymore....
    glad to be back though.

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    The first thing I would think of is that the drain tube is plugged, and you're icing up. Got to be able to drain off that condensation.
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