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    Hi, I have a question on how the spare tire rack is supposed to mount on a 1970 800A. I bought it used and don't know if it came with all the parts. It has the main piece that the tire hangs on, a bracket that bolts to the tail gate and two metal pieces about 4 inches long and about one inch wide with several holes in them. No matter how I try to assemble it does not work out right. Does anyone know how or have a picture of theirs? Thanks, Cabot

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    Default send pictures of what you have

    I'm sure we can figure out something for you but since the very early scout 80's had a different apparatus than the later scout 800's (which were better since you could lower the tailgate without taking the spare off) it may involve drilling holes in your tailgate which you may or may not want to do. I'm sure someone here knows way better than me.

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    It sounds as if you have the correct unit, which had the part number 373 713 C91 and is shown in Figure 01-007 in the MT123 parts manual. It is also shown mounted on the vehicle in fig. 16-26.

    The bottom bracket (which is wide with square bends and ends that angle upwards) mounts below the tailgate; the lower ends of the long, sorta "U" shaped arm, pivot at the the outer holes. The rectangular main bracket w/ 4 holes mounts high on the tailgate, the upside-down, "U" arm piece pivoting about a pin through both sides of this bracket.
    The small "U" blocks mount halfway down the long arms to be spacers/provide support to the tire.


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