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Thread: '73 Scout II Body Work

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    Default '73 Scout II Body Work

    I recently bought a '73 Scout II that runs top notch. The body is really rusty and is in need of some serious TLC. The passenger side floor is rusting through and the rocker panel is gone. Both rear wheel wells are loose from the body panels. One of the rear body mounts is completely loose and everytime I hit a bump it sounds like the whole rear half of the body is going to fall off.

    I will try to get some photos uploaded to show the problem areas. Would it be beneficial to patch work everything together or would I be better off swapping bodies?

    I will take any and all ideas.

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    Default 73 Scout II Body Work

    Can anyone tell me the height of the U-channel in this photo which supports/is above the body mount the channel which is welded to the floor? Both of mine were cut off by the PO for the front mounts. I have a 64 Scout 80. borrowed this pic from Ronnie Thanks, Mike


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