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Thread: old sagging springs on my 800B

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    Default old sagging springs on my 800B

    Hello to all my fellow binder nuts. My first vehicle was an old 800B. That joker was pretty ragged out but I loved it. Then I got married and sold it been kicking myself for nearly 10 years. Well I rectified that situation in April. Found another 800B on ebay. This one is in much better condition. Just a few things I want to do to it. Needs a little body work and a new paint job, I want to build a roll cage, and the suspension needs to be worked over. The suspension is actually what I'm working on right now. I don't know if I should have them re-arched or replace them. Go with a little lift or no. What do ya'll think? If anybody has had an 800 and done anything with the suspension please let me know.

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    An entire lift kit which includes new springs, bushings U bolts shackles and eye bolts can be had for as little as $600, which might be a little less than twice what refurbishment of your existing suspension with the advantage that it is all new. The kits usually come with 0" to 2.5" and some come with caster shims and shocks.

    Recently, some of the lightline vendors have been scrambling for a new spring supplier for their kits, so you may have to act fast or be prepared to wait awhile. On the other hand, CJ-5 kits are nearly the same with the exception that they have a lighter spring rate and have been found to ride slightly softer.

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    Thanks that's great info. I have the benefit of living in Lubbock TX where Scout Madness is located. I found that out and called Mark Drake who owns it and he has a 2.5 for $625. Thanks again.


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